Benefits of Caliche

Caliche is a versatile building material that offers several benefits over other similar materials. Caliche is abundant, cheap, and easy to obtain making its biggest benefits price and sustainability.

Cost Advantages of Caliche

In rural areas where roads are often unpaved and driveways long, caliche is often used because of its price. The cost of paving a road with caliche is a fraction of the cost for asphalt or cement paved roads. To get the most of caliche paving, it's important to this building material in areas where it's well suited. Areas with minimal rain and plentiful caliche supplies are ideal for caliche paving. Caliche is also an excellent choice as a base material for roads in other areas.

"Green" Advantages of Caliche

Caliche is a natural stone product easily extracted from caliche deposits. Extremely common, caliche is abundant – and inexpensive – around the world. If you live in an area where caliche supplies are plentiful, choosing caliche as a paving or building material could be environmentally beneficial in terms of reduced energy costs involved in transporting non-local building materials. Caliche can be used in "compressed earth" and "rammed earth" blocks. According to the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, as a building material, caliche is strong, durable, inexpensive, and has useful thermal characteristics.

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